Activating Your Natal North Node

astrology north node Feb 16, 2024

The Lunar Nodes, also known as the North and South Nodes, are two calculated points where the paths of the Moon and the Sun intersect. The North Node in astrology represents where your soul is yearning to go, like the needle on a compass, pointing you in the direction that supports your deepest desires.

It’s not something to achieve or “get to,” it is just a guiding light and reminder to follow the direction of soul. There are many nuances, but the sign your North Node falls in gives a general quality to help support you as you move through each chapter of your life.

You can find your North Node by using the calculator here:


North Node in Aries: Igniting Personal Power

The North Node in Aries is continuously guiding you back to self, reminding you to take time for your needs and allowing yourself to be nourished by what fills you, what lights you up. It is about seeing the gifts that relationships and interactions with others bring, while still always listening to your own needs moment to moment. It’s a balance of independence along with the co-creation of relationships that inspire you and lift you up.

It’s important to surround yourself with supportive, nourishing relationships and also know when it’s time to go within and recharge. Alone time is gold for you.

By igniting your own power, from within, you learn to be fully sourced from self. This allows your creativity to flourish and for new ideas to be illuminated. You are a powerhouse of ideas, creations and direction, so spend time stoking your internal fire, going within for inspiration and you will thrive. Let your passion burn bright!

Embodiment Practice: Bring your attention to the center of your body. Imagine a flickering light in your center, sparking, igniting, growing brighter until it is a steady ball of light illuminated like the sun. Allow the glow of this light to warm your whole body. From this place ask, “How can I support myself to shine brighter?”


North Node in Taurus: Embodying Presence

The North Node in Taurus is your ever evolving reminder to be present and to enjoy the gifts of life. Can you slow down and really savor the moment?

We live in such a fast paced world, but when our eyes are always focused ahead on the next task we miss the very essence of life happening right now. This is where you’ll find the gold. Where you’ll get that spark of a new idea, where you’ll find that connection, where a piece of the puzzle just drops right in. It’s only by being present and aware that these pieces can be found.

Being present is a practice. Listen to your body, find those songs that speak to your soul, pause to take in the scenery around you, wherever you are, breathe in fresh air, savor your food, the smells, the taste. Find ways to remind yourself to be present. The more present you can be with each moment, the more room you leave for that higher, deeper, truer part of you to shine through.

Embodiment Practice: Take a few deep breaths and become present in your body. Imagine an anchor dropping deep into the earth, connecting you to the solid ground below. Imagine all the vitality and life force of the earth moving up through your lower body and into your low belly. From this space ask, “What is most present for me right now?”


North Node in Gemini: Illuminating Curiosity

The Gemini North Node is where the teacher becomes the student. It’s bringing curiosity to all areas of life, especially to those you know well. It’s taking what you know and continuously learning what else there is to see and uncover. You’ll find that learning is endless and the more you embrace this the more fulfilling life becomes.

You have great wisdom within you, but the real gems will be unlocked when you allow yourself to fall into the place of “I have no idea.” Like a sponge, you are able to soak up knowledge like water, but pay particular attention to the things that excite you and leave you craving more.

Allow yourself to step into the unknown territory of that which you cannot see, beyond text books and what you have already been taught. The wisdom of science and logic is beautiful and a great tool, but there is so much more. Enter the space of your imagination, your higher mind, that beyond the physical world.

Embodiment Practice: Get settled in your body. Bring your attention to your head. Relaxing the jaw, forehead and temples. Imagine a gentle light washing over the top of your head, softening and melting down your shoulders, all the way down your body. Focus on the forehead and third eye in the center of your head, allowing this space to be illuminated, like turning on a light bulb. Let this light expand and from this place ask, “How can I invite more curiosity into my life?”


North Node in Cancer: De-armoring the Heart

The North Node in Cancer is a reminder to soak up anything and everything that soothes your soul. To create spaces just for you to nestle into and replenish all that has been spent. While you can easily output, your Cancer North Node is urging you to make refueling just as important as any work deadline or family matter. You will have so much more to give if you fill your tank first. That whole “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others” thing applies here.

There’s a softening and a de-armoring that can happen when you give time for yourself. Think warm bubble baths, sitting by the ocean breeze soaking up the sun or walking in a lush forest. It doesn’t have to be that everyday, just simply feeling into what arises when you think of your favorite place can be enough.

Surround yourself with photos, art, candles or scents that nourish you. The more cozy and nourishing you can make your surroundings, the more time you can take for yourself, the more that deeper, soft, intuitive part of you can flourish. That’s where the gold is, deep within that gorgeous heart of yours.

Embodiment Practice: Bring your attention to your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Imagine the armor around your heart falling away. You can imagine it melting like ice being warmed, pieces of armor being removed, or dancing and shaking the armor off. Feel into what feels right for you. Once you feel like you’re in that open hearted place, allow the heart space to radiate, glowing as a soft warm light. From this place ask, “How can I hold myself more gently?”


North Node in Leo: Igniting Passion

The North Node in Leo is urging you to lead from the heart rather than the head. It’s fine tuning the ability to listen to the depths of the heart. Not the fear-based, scared or reactive childish heart, but the fully embodied, sovereign, soul connected heart.

It’s a heart that is connected to a deeper wisdom, with the ability to ignite the passions and desires that lead you in the direction where you can feel free. Free to be fully and truly yourself. The more you can embrace the full potency of your truest self, life will unfold for you like a red carpet.

There’s a boldness within you, whether it’s hidden or already known, that has something to say to the world. It may be through your work, art, self-expression, the way you parent, the way you lead, the way you create… there is no limit to the how, but there is something within you that wants to be shared. Embrace your passions, they will guide you where you need to go.

Embodiment Practice: Take a few deep, slow breaths and connect to your heart. Allow your breath to help you expand the energy of the heart. Then bring your attention to your sacral/pelvic area and allow the creative, life force energy that resides in this space to come online. Imagine moving this energy from the sacral area up to the heart, connecting these two points and allowing the energy to flow freely, back and forth. From this place ask, “How does my heart want me to expand?”


North Node in Virgo: Embodying Soul

The North Node in Virgo points towards embodiment. It’s about being fully present, fully in your body, rooted and grounded in each moment, which allows you to bring everything you could possibly desire into reality. If you’re stuck in the past or always worrying about the future you miss the doorway leading you straight towards your dreams.

Taking time for your own healing is essential. Learning to listen to your body is a key that will unlock all the doors of trust and alignment within yourself. The more you are able to connect to your body the more you will learn about yourself and what your body is telling you. From this embodied place is where your gifts and creativity will pour through into your life. You have the ability to make your dreams become a reality in a way, that when fully embraced, has the power to ripple out in ways you can’t even imagine. By following your truth and allowing your wisdom to shine through just by being you, you give others permission to do the same.

The journey of embodiment requires an embracing and loving your human form, in all its challenges and flaws. It’s a journey that can be full of immense healing, expansion, softening and deeper love, if you allow it.

Embodiment Practice: Connect to your body, from your feet all the way up to the crown of your head. Move your body, dance, move your hips in circles, whatever feels best for you to connect to your body. Once you feel fully present in your body find stillness and bring your attention to the crown of your head. Sense for a golden light just above the crown of your head and allow it to move down your body, stopping to let it move through any areas of tightness or tension, all the way down to your feet, grounding into the earth. From this place ask, “How can I serve my body?”


North Node in Libra: Balance & Alignment Within

The Libra North Node is all about balance. It’s the dance between independence and building intimacy and trust in relationships. It’s the balance within yourself of your ability to take action and your ability to trust and flow. The lessons will often come through relationships — this is your mirror. Again and again it will allow you to see the pieces about yourself you couldn’t have seen on your own.

The North Node in Libra reminds you to stand your ground firmly, rooted in what you believe, but to bring along softness and grace. Be open minded and curious about what others have to say. Your job is not to sway others to your beliefs, there may be much frustration and despair if you do, and equally, the point is not be swayed to their beliefs either. Instead the gifts come in being able to listen, to allow yourself to see through their eyes, to try and find common ground and understanding.

It all starts within yourself. The more you can be both rooted and strong as well as open-hearted and receptive, the more you will be able to see the gift in each and every interaction. From the tense and triggering, to the joyful and captivating, all moments with another become a portal into something more, teaching you about yourself and others in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Embodiment Practice: Planting your feet on the ground, scan your body, comparing your right side to left. Which foot feels like it needs more grounding? Focus on rooting that foot into the earth. Which hip needs attention? Shoulder blades, arms, right and left side of neck? Once you have scanned the body bring your attention to your spine. You can sit down from here if you aren’t already seated. Starting at the base of your spine imagine two snakes or two ribbons weaving all the way up to the base of your skull, like a double helix, balancing right and left. Allow these two pathways to balance within your body. Take as long as you need until you feel complete. Feel your feet again, rooted and grounded equally on the earth.


North Node in Scorpio: Diving into the Mysteries

The Scorpio North Node would often much rather stay on solid ground than dive into the deep unknown. But in the depths of the unknown is where the magic happens. It’s when you can trust your intuition, the knowledge beyond the little mind and act from this place, where the pieces start to come together. Beyond all logic, this way of being does guide you exactly where you need to go. It may take a bit to trust it, but like riding a bike, it gets easier over time.

The more comfortable you get with the unknown, the more alluring it becomes. Scorpio represents the underworld, the unseen. And once you explore all that is below the surface, you realize that although you can only see the tip of the iceberg from above, there is so so much more below.

Like any relationship it takes time, but living a fulfilling life is worth the effort of building trust with the Unknown.

Embodiment Practice: Get rooted in your body, bringing particular attention to your lower body, hips, legs and feet. Feel yourself strong, grounded and imagine sinking deeper into the earth, feeling held by the ground below. From this place ask, “How can I expand my trust with the unknown?”


North Node in Sagittarius: Expanding into Higher Wisdom

With a Sagittarius North Node there’s a thirst for knowledge and it doesn’t have to stem from traditional sources. In fact, the greatest lessons come in unlocking your own innate higher wisdom. It can come from observing others, diving head first into hands-on learning or testing out many different hobbies. You don’t have to settle on just one passion, you can have many.

It’s through this quest for knowledge, wanting to know more, honing your skills in areas that excite you, that you will hit the jackpot of fulfillment. And there will likely come a time when you will share your skill with others. There can be the perpetual student in you who wants to just keep soaking up all they can, but there comes a point when the student becomes the teacher and shares their knowledge with others.

There are so many ways to do this, it doesn’t have to be in a traditional sense of teaching, but through sharing your experiences, sharing your creations and what you are most passionate about, having authentic conversations with others who are curious about what you do… all of this will feed your soul, even if it requires you to push the edges of your comfort zone. That is what your North Node in Sagittarius offers, a guiding light to push you out of your comfort zone and the chance to expand into more.

Embodiment Practice: Allow your thoughts to settle, your mind to let go of anything you just read and allow your whole head space to relax. Relax your forehead, soften your jaw and allow any tension to melt away. Bring your attention to your throat. Imagine a cooling water clearing the passageway of the throat, bringing healing and hydration. From this place ask, “What wants to be expressed through me?”


North Node in Capricorn: Embodying the Powerhouse

The North Node in Capricorn is pointing you towards your own power and strength that wants to radiate out. There is so much you have to share with the world, it’s just about finding the most aligned way for you to step out and be seen. How this looks will shift and evolve as you evolve and grow.

Comfort lies in the safe spaces of your internal world. This is a beautiful place to go, to refuel, to let your creations grow, but there is also something important in the outward expression of these internal pieces of you. You get to decide how you share and what you share. It’s less about the details and more about the energy you exude.

There’s something that you uniquely have to share with the world. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be broadcasted for all to see (unless that excites and fuels you). When you are able to share from that grounded, powerful, genuine place, you grow, your creations grow and everything around you flourishes.

Embodiment Practice: Get settled and grounded in your body. Connect into the energy of the earth — the vitality and the lush, fertile ground. Imagine this energy moving up your body, revitalizing and refueling you to the degree that is just right for you. Allow this energy to move up to the center of your body, in a place that represents power for you. From this place ask, “What is the most powerful action I can take now?”


North Node in Aquarius: Setting the Inner Rebel Free

The Aquarius North Node is a reminder that your way is unique and does not look like anything that has been done before. It is yours and yours alone and that is something to be embraced and loved. It’s helpful to find others who celebrate you and support you for your unique perspectives and ideas.

Being true to yourself doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. The diversity of perspectives within a group gives it the ability to be long-lasting, with new ideas creating space for growth. And your unique thread that you are meant to weave into the tapestry of your relationships has a profound ripple effect, touching so many you will never even know.

Keep listening and following your truth, regardless of what others think or want and you will find a strength within yourself that allows you to blossom in infinite ways.

Embodiment Practice: Take a few deep breaths, breathing into your heart space, connecting to yourself. Allow your deeper knowing to turn on like a lightbulb in the center of your head. Imagine golden light pouring down into the crown of your head, supporting your unique gifts in the way that is most supportive for you. From this place ask, “How can I be most true to myself?”


North Node in Pisces: Expanding Trust & Surrender

With a North Node in Pisces the challenge is to relax and surrender to the unknown. To lean into trusting yourself, trusting that deeper part of you that knows there is a much bigger plan in place than the plans you can see.

The Pisces North Node wants to grip onto some kind of control, but that just limits the possibilities of what you came here to experience. Feel into times in your life where you have felt supported, where things were coming together in ways you couldn’t see in the moment. Although the trust and surrender may feel scary, there is also an ease when you finally get there, versus the anxiety and stress of trying to manage and push your way through any given scenario.

It’s about finding stillness, the calm within the storm of life’s daily tasks and expanding that part of self. The part that knows there is more, so much more. It’s trusting that there is something so much bigger than our little human selves orchestrating a show so beautiful, encompassing everything we could ever desire, that all we have to do is lean in. When we truly believe we are supported we make decisions based on a deeper trust, decisions that are much different than those made from fear-based control.

Embodiment Practice: Find a place that feels like trust in your body. Focus on that single point. Allow that space to expand, moving to fill the whole of your body. Allow that energy to flow along your back body, along your spine, illuminating each vertebra, bringing the energy up all the way to the crown of the head. From this place ask, “How can I surrender more deeply?”


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