Your astrology chart is a map offering guidance and insights for exactly where you are in life, right now. 

Ancient civilizations knew the power of the stars & cosmos. They built temples to face the star Sirius and the Sun, understood the cycles & stories the skies told... of the cyclical nature of earth but also of the human psyche.

The planets and stars have a story to tell. They are a guide map holding the keys to unlock new insight or understanding, even nudges on what’s to come.

Enter into your very own portal of cosmic wisdom and receive the "soul fuel" to skyrocket you into the next era and evolution in your business and life.

Your Cosmic Menu...

Intuitive Astrology Reading

Your Cosmic Overview. Explore your natal chart and gain insight around your current astrological cycles, allowing you to navigate your life, work and relationships with clarity and move from your most empowered state. 

You'll receive a guide-map for the coming year by looking at your current transits to gain a deeper understanding of what is unfolding for you. 

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Alchemy of Abundance

Expand wealth & abundance in your life. Alchemy of Abundance is your personalized guide for aligning to your wealth frequency, harnessing your natural gifts and alchemizing any challenges into gold to create effortless abundance in your life.

Explore the aspects of your chart that hold the keys to fully embodying your most magnetic, abundant, thriving state.

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Lunar Syncing 

Your monthly guide for flow in life & business. Explore how your astrology chart uniquely interacts with each lunar cycle so that you can tap into your most abundant natural state, honoring your rhythm and supporting your creative flow in your business. 

You'll receive a guide-map for the next 6 months to deeply support you, syncing to your own rhythm and flow, with clarity and perspective each step of the way because you are focused on what is true and aligned for you.  

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The Retreat Experience 

Explore the astrology chart for your retreat or event. This allows you to tap into the energy of the retreat itself and how it wants to be shared so you can call in the most aligned clients, promote your retreat with ease & have a complete map that supports your marketing strategy. 

You'll receive a guide-map for the next 6 months to deeply support the content & marketing of your retreat, highlighting major themes each lunar cycle, as well as being able to support those who join your retreat in the most aligned way. 

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When I look at a natal chart I see a story, a journey, and it is ever-changing… every day, every hour, the sky shifts to reveal a new piece of cosmic wisdom.

Your astrology chart is a powerful tool and guide map that holds reminders of your unique cycles guiding you in your unique timing, in alignment with your souls deepest calling. 

When you explore the energetics of your natal chart, you will gain insight and clarity around your current astrological cycles, allowing you to navigate this phase of your life in a powerful way and gain a deeper understanding of what is unfolding for you. 


Personal Reading Bundles


Retreat/ Event Bundles

What people are saying: 

"I had my lunar syncing call with Alexis and it brought me such deep clarity in regards to the 3D structure of how and when to launch in my business in a way that is aligned with myself and my unique astrological 5D blueprint.

I went into the call feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas and "things to do" and left the call feeling deep peace, clarity, insight, and excitement around the next season of my life rooted in my astrological transits and seasons.

Alexis will forever be my go to astrologer and I can't recommend her sessions enough"


"I had the pleasure of  receiving my first lunar reading from Alexis on Christmas day, what a beautiful gift.

This is definitely her zone of genius, so much knowledge and in-depth explanations that were very personal to me specifically.

We looked at the next 6 months and I cannot even begin to explain the synchronization with the plans I already have for the new year and how the timing aligns perfectly and makes so much sense with the moon cycles, explaining the past behaviors and decisions based on the cycle I am currently in.

We were able to review my past cycles and truly dive into where I am, where I am going and all the why's in between.

I cannot wait for my next reading to see where I am going for the second half of the year.

This reading was curated with such intention, providing guidance, answers I seek and just reassurance of all the things I already know on the path I am already going.

Such a blessing."

‚ÄĒ Jeanette

"I had a lovely life affirming and soul energizing natal chart reading with Alexis.

Our call helped me feel seen in ways that I've struggled with in the past. When she started to tell me about the cosmos when I was born and what theyre doing to my chart now, it was like magical sparks of stardust lighting up. It all really made sense.

Because of that call I felt affirmed in my next steps and to really try and slow down, put myself before my work, pursue wellness all around."

‚ÄĒ Sheri¬†