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I N N E R   

by Alexis Marie

Inner Mystica is that stunning and magical doorway into self, a place of remembering more of who you truly are and the feeling of pure joy that comes simply by being more YOU. 


When you are so deeply rooted in this connection to yourself life begins to flow in ways that support you in every way. From the simple day to day moments to the big exciting life shifts, as you move with life you begin co-creating everything you truly desire.

It’s this combination of inner connection and external presenceto all you can see, taste, touch and feel that brings more deliciousness and rich meaning to everything you do. 


Alexis Marie


I believe life is meant to be delicious, more playful, full of everything you desire, that you are meant to feel alive and fulfilled.


As a former pharmacist turned Mystic, I believe in doing things a little differently.

Through the Akashic Records, Archetypal Embodiment & Guided Activations I'm here to support you as you open to a way of living that is deliciously your own. 


I'm here to remind you that life gets to be amazing—   fully, deliciously, divinely amazing, full of everything that lights you up.


Because the world needs more people lit up and turned on by their lives! 

Welcome! I'm Alexis...

Discover Your Priestess Archetype

Work with Me


I'm here to help find your unique doorway into YOU, so that you can discover more depth & deliciousness in life.


Temple of The Rose

Women's Circle

A place that feels like home, surrounded by like-minded empowered women.


Work with Me 1-1

For personalized & in-depth support I offer a 3-month container for deeper exploration.


Book an

Astrology Reading

Gain insight from your natal chart to help you navigate life in an empowered way. 

We are here to discover
Heaven on Earth 

To enjoy the process of becoming. 

Becoming who we already know ourselves to be.

Enjoying, savoring and wanting to experience even more of the deliciousness that life has to offer.  

Aria, FL

Working with Alexis has been energizing, supportive, enlightening and empowering. She’s an external guide to internal understanding. 
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