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I like to think of Inner Mystica as the modern day Temple.

It's a sacred space, held within, a space where all the answers are held and where infinite creative potential lies.


Within this temple is the permission to open the door to more... more of your radiance, more of your power, more YOU.


From astrology to feminine embodiment, each offering holds a unique code for remembrance, supporting and guiding you on your path to being seen, known and sought after for your magic and medicine, simply by being fully YOU. 


Ways to Work with Me

Astrology Offerings:

Cosmic Queen

The modern day Temple for the Feminine Leader. Explore your astrology chart each month and receive the deepest support & immense clarity in whatever you are currently navigating in your business and life.

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Astrology Reading Cosmic Menu

Your astrology chart is a map offering guidance & insights to support you in navigating any moment with clarity & perspective so you can feel at ease, in your power & ready for whatever comes your way! 

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Womb-led Business Offerings:

Masterclass: The Way of The Womb

Receive deepest clarity you have ever felt for your work, the most powerfully aligned next steps & walk away feeling deeply embodied in your medicine, lit up, inspired, ready to create your most powerful offering yet. 

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1-1 Sessions: Illuminate

Activate the womb codes within you to bring the highest vision for your business into reality... in the most ease-filled, aligned & natural way. Receive the most potent next steps in your business so that you can flow with ease into your next level of expansion with the clearest vision for your business.

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Free Gifts:

Free Masterclass: Astrology for your Business 

Discover the keys for more pleasure & abundance in your business.

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