Astrology For Your Business Masterclass

Discover the keys to MORE pleasure in your business

Your astrology chart is an amazing guide map filled with so many juicy reminders of how to embody your work in the world in the most pleasure-filled and supported way.

Let's explore yours!

We'll explore the 3 areas in your astrology chart that hold the keys to: 

  • embodying more pleasure in your business & what drives this pleasure 
  • your unique, soul aligned way to share your work in the world 
  • the day-to-day energetics that support your business in the most nourishing way

Walk away feeling: 

  • like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders & you can breathe in the life, joy and aliveness that is the essence of your business 
  • clarity in your unique messaging & expression of your work
  • at ease with making decisions in your business 
  • more lit up around your work, your inner light shining even brighter 

Can't make it live? No worries! A replay will be sent out shortly after.

What people are saying about astrology with Alexis:

“I just had the most life giving astrology chart reading with Alexis. Our call was so affirming in the things I’m doing and where I need to focus my energy for growth that best aligns with me.”


“I had an akashic astrology reading with Alexis & holy sh*t so much clarity, so much confirmation... what's been coming through to offer next is even more powerful now” 


“The reading really gave me hope for my next steps in my business… I feel a lot more guided and protected while I figure it out. I also trust myself more to figure it out… It really helped take some weight off my shoulders surrounding my business and my next steps.”