waking up in the morning, the feeling of gratitude flowing through your whole body.
You step out of bed, already so turned on, curious what delicious abundance the Universe has in store for you today.
Your morning is spacious and as you savor every sip of your morning cacao/ coffee/ tea you make your daily request, "Universe, show me how good it gets to be" knowing with an open heart and full trust that it will be even better than the last.
You open your bank account and there is one more zero at the end of the number that was in there last time you checked. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and fully receive this abundance. This is the norm and each time the number grows you are filled with deep gratitude.


Wealth codes is the space that supports this reality, opening you to receive your next level of wealth, abundance & pleasure. Celebrating every micro-moment of abundance, allowing you to flourish and grow your wealth in the most natural way. 
The wealth that you know is hovering, waiting to pour in, bringing you into a completely new timeline of abundance, pleasure & freedom so that you can live the life that feels like heaven on earth and be of the greatest service for your work in the world.  


Because you're over...

ūüíį income highs & lows‚ÄĒ feeling amazing during high income months and asking "what the F is going on" during low income months.

ūüíį¬†making¬†money in ways that are draining your creative¬†fire¬†

ūüíį wishing you had the money for "x, y, z"¬†

ūüíį knowing you are worthy of all you desire, but *something* hasn't fully clicked yet

And you are SO ready for...

ūüíł consistent income that feels *oh¬†so good* to your nervous system¬†

ūüíł dream clients finding you with ease & so excited to pay you for your gifts

ūüíł¬†taking that spontaneous trip to the destination that¬†has been calling

ūüíł receiving the money to match your desires¬†and now you get to play, invest and share your wealth¬†


Pleasure is the wealth of the feminine. 
Your body knows abundance, wealth, pleasure & infinite possibilities. You hold the codes for wealth inherently within you. Money is simply a reflection of the wealth your body already knows. And inside Wealth Codes you will tap into the feminine power of money, wealth and pleasure like never before. 

Meet your guides


A somatic trauma specialist, ancestral healer & energy worker whose mission is to liberate the collective female soul.

Her deep connection with the Earth & root chakra brings women home to their bodies & creates the deepest source of safety, stability & power within. 


A feminine embodiment & womb-led business mentor whose mission is to guide a collective remembrance of pleasure & power. 

Her medicine is dropping you back into connection with your womb & feminine essence so that you can activate pleasure & massive abundance in every area of your life. 


A yoga teacher, crystal healer and activator Ashleigh's gift is bringing you home to your power & illuminating your inner light brighter than it's ever been before.

Her gift to the world is her magic tool belt which is full of different modalities and teachings and is a true embodiment of the modern day medicine woman. Her intuition is her superpower and she’s on a mission to help women see their potential and step into their power to open to more pleasure, abundance & an aligned AF life.


An ocean medicine woman, galactic priestess & guide for women around the world, her mission is in helping you to remember who you are and embody the frequency of Heaven on Earth. 

Her medicine & sound healing frequencies will activate a deep remembrance, attuning your frequency to your gifts and who you BE as a spiritual being having a pleasure-filled human experience. 

Yes, I am in!

The Self-Paced Journey

(4) 90-minute Masterclasses + Closing Ceremony. 

*All transmissions are recorded so you have immediate access.

Transmission 1: Transmuting ancestral money blocks through the root chakra & nervous system so that you can hold more wealth with integrity, trust, & alignment.

Transmission 2: Uncovering your hidden desires around money. Utilizing turn-on & womb wisdom to attune to the frequency of fertile wealth and open to the pleasure of receiving money.

Transmission 3: Explore the inner workings and energy of your solar plexus & heart like never before. Play with personal power, pleasure & radical self love to support you opening to more abundance, hold big money and create ease in your nervous system for lasting wealth. Transcend through a full body upgrade with music, sound & crystal healing.

Transmission 4: Reprogramming & rewiring your DNA to become a vibrational match to the wealth waiting for you in your vortex. Ascend into your highest frequency & anchor it into your body through light language, channeling & sound frequency activations.

Transmission 5: Pre-recorded Q&A + closing ceremony

What you'll receive: 

  • Instant access to (4)¬†90-minute masterclasses with embodiment practices¬†
  • Access to the pre-recorded Wealth Codes Q&A session¬†
  • Go at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to¬†the Wealth Codes Portal
It is a deep YES in my body!

Walk away dripping in: 

‚úĒÔłŹ An expanded capacity to¬†receive¬†money with ease & pleasure

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Worthiness¬†and an unwavering¬†belief in your ability to create wealth... your way

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Liberation¬†from anything holding you back from¬†the income¬†you know is possible

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Opportunities¬†for abundance flowing to you¬†with ease because they are rooted in more¬†joy, pleasure and FUN


Enter the Portal.


The investment for Wealth Codes Self-Paced Journey:

Pay in Full: $444

Investment Plan: $244 x 2 monthly payments

Pay In Full
Investment Plan

You are abundant, you already are *more* than enough, you hold the codes to unlocking the abundance that will support you in receiving ALL you desire... we are simply activating these codes within you.

The Wealth Codes you hold. 

My love, money is here to teach you and guide you into your next level of wealth. In the most turned on, pleasurable, playful way.

Seeing the numbers in your bank account rise, dripping in ecstatic pleasure as you fully open to receive ALL that is about to pour into your life.   

We can't wait to see you inside!

What the Wealth Codes Goddesses are saying: 

"I am in the process of a massive career shift from working for someone in the 9 to 5 burnout, hustle and bustle to creating a business that is aligned with my passion.

The most incredible thing happened just yesterday that blew my mind!

Without even having launched my website yet, I sold 3 items!!! I will forever be grateful to these four incredible women for providing the opportunity to upgrade my life.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄĒ Leslee¬†

"The beautiful soul sisters (Ashleigh, Alexis, Emma and Sophia) I got the privilege to meet and receive from provided medicine to my soul.

They supported me by providing a safe place to continue my journey of clearing harmful "webs" from my mind, body and soul. I truly believe we are "richest" when we come together and provide sacred safe places for each other to grow and thrive!

This container of Wealth Codes has given me¬†so much and I am excited to continue my journey, knowing there is so much more in store for me!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ Ester¬†

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the ladies in Wealth Codes. I am forever transformed and highly recommend for everyone who is ready to make the shift and remember that they are the key!

The Wealth Codes container offered by Alexis, Ashleigh, Sophia & Emma is the next level of expansion. If you are ready to make a major shift in your frequency, heal ancestral wounds, full chakra upgrade and remembrance, then say yes for yourself and your future. Money is just energy, you‚Äôd receive that back a thousand fold.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄĒ Meiji¬†

Let's Begin