Yes! I'm so ready!

Imagine gathering in a sacred space— velvet pillows, a comfy lounge & your favorite cacao or tea.


A place that feels like home, surrounded by like-minded empowered women, where you are inspired, motivated and at ease just be being there.


This is that space. 

It's coming home to your body in the deepest way.

A place to feel supported and empowered, remembering the power and wisdom you hold.. 

A remembrance of your body wisdom, pleasure, play... all the ways your inner feminine wants to be expressed through you.

So that you have the freedom to do MORE of what you love in the most natural and ease-filled way.


Temple of The Rose

Online Women's Circle

For the woman called to the sacred remembrance of her body. Inviting more ease, flow and pleasure into her life by unlocking the codes held within her yoni, womb & body.

Allow yourself to open & bloom from within, anchoring and rooting in a remembrance of the power you hold as woman. Moving in sync with the world in a way that is playful, alive and so natural to you.

This remembering comes from a wisdom beyond the mind. It reminds you how to create, work, and be, in a way that is as natural as breathing.

Open to the depths of the Feminine through astrology, hands on womb practices & guided feminine embodiment activations.

I can feel it, I am in!

The journey into the Mysteries of self gets to be playful, empowering and invigorating...


Archetypal embodiment is one of the ways we'll invite more of the highest and truest version of yourself into your life, opening you to the deepest level of empowerment, bringing ease, creativity and inspiration to your life in a way that nothing else can.


The Divine Feminine Archetypes:

These Archetypes allow you to embrace more of your authentic self so that you are able to move through the world with deeply rooted confidence, feeling so alive and free.



Connection to your wild essence




Exploring the pleasure & wisdom of the body




Invoking clarity & purpose




Rising together— the power of community 


Dark Feminine

Alchemizing the shadow into empowerment


The Mystic

Deepening intuition



The sacred mysteries & cycles of the body

The magic you'll have access to: 

Monthly Women's Circle via Zoom

Join us in circle as we explore a new topic each month, receive a guided meditation + activation, followed by space to share & connect. 

Monthly Audio Activation

Receive a recorded audio activation each month.

These short but powerful amplifiers help to support you between calls. 

Private WhatsApp Chat

This is a space to connect between calls & where Alexis will share bonus content, astrological updates & so much more!

  • Explore a new topic each month plus receive access to the library of Temple of The Rose content.
  • Receive & open to your own womb wisdom through guided meditation & embodiment activations.
  • Connect in community with space to share & be supported
It is a deep YES in my body!



per month

  • Monthly Women's Circle + Content Library

  • Monthly Activation Audio Recording 

  • Private WhatsApp Chat 

Yes! I'm in!

3-Month Package


every 3 months

Get 1 month free!

  • Immediate $77 in savings 
  • Monthly Women's Circle + Content Library
  • Monthly Activation Audio Recording 
  • Private WhatsApp Chat 
YES, please!
Bonus— Temple of The Rose Mystery Box:

Available exclusively for Temple of The Rose Community.

Each month a specially curated Mystery Box is created by Ashleigh at Sacred Soulful Shop.

Each crystal in the Mystery Bundle is sourced and hand picked with love & intention and holds the energy based on the current theme that is being weaved through Temple of The Rose.

It is a beautiful way to deepen & anchor in the themes, intentions & messages received from each month’s circle. 



The most profound and rewarding journey we can ever go on is exploring the depths, wisdom & magic of our own inner world.


To do so in a sacred community alongside other powerful women, amplifies the experience in the most beautiful and potent way.  


If you're feeling the call, know there is something waiting for you. 

Yes, I'm feeling the call!

Every time we honor our body, express our wisdom, share our voice, and connect with our sensuality, we heal the sacred thread of the feminine...

Every time we come together in circle, we heal the sacred thread of the feminine.  

Rebecca Campbell