The Retreat Experience Bundle

Everything you need to know about your retreat combined with your own personal reading.

Explore the astrology chart for your retreat to get clear on every detail from the content and marketing strategy to who this retreat is for and understanding the essence of the retreat itself. 

PLUS receive your own personal Lunar Syncing Astrology Reading to explore how your astrology chart uniquely interacts with each lunar cycle so that you can tap into your most abundant natural state, honoring your rhythm and supporting your creative flow in your business. 

We will explore the themes for each new and full moon over the next 6 months, which give you rich details on what to focus on while promoting your retreat as well as embracing the essence of the retreat itself, so that you not only sell out your retreat but create such deep community and support for those attending. 

We'll create a guide-map for the next 6 months to both deeply support YOU and your retreat, with clarity and perspective each step of the way.  

What happens you align with the astrology of your retreat:

  • create the most natural and magnetic timeline for promoting your retreat
  • allow creative inspiration to flow through you so that each piece of content you share is in deep alignment
  • become magnetic to dream clients for your retreat 
  • meet any challenge with clarity and perspective and hold the vision, no matter
  • feel at ease knowing you have an in-depth guide-map to support you

What you'll receive:

  • (1) 90 minute Retreat Astrology Reading via Zoom 
  • (1) 90 minute Lunar Syncing Personal Astrology Reading via Zoom
  • Copy of your retreat chart 
  • Copy of your natal chart
  • Spotify playlist for each lunar phase  

Your personalized guide map will deeply support you and your retreat in the coming months. I cannot wait to see what is about to unfold for you! 

Let's Begin. 


$555.00 USD