Welcome to the Full Cosmic Adventure!

Receive all 3 Astrology Readings for the most complete and comprehensive exploration of your astrology chart.

Explore the energetics of your natal chart and gain insight and clarity around your current astrological cycles, allowing you to navigate this phase of your life in a powerful way, with a clear vision of what's unfolding for you.

Explore how your astrology chart uniquely interacts with each lunar cycle so that you can tap into your most abundant natural state, honoring your rhythm and supporting your creative flow in your business. 


Explore the aspects of your chart that support you in aligning to your wealth frequency and harnessing your natural gifts to create effortless abundance in your life.

This is the FULL cosmic adventure, explored through the wisdom of your astrology chart. We get to deepen in with each reading, see what unfolds and allow the most powerful insights to come through. This allows you to align you to your most abundant & expansive timeline, while being deeply supported. 

What you'll receive:

  • 1 hour Private Intuitive Astrology Reading via Zoom 
  • 90 minute Private Lunar Syncing Reading via Zoom 
  • 1 hour Private Alchemy of Abundance Reading via Zoom 
  • Copy of your natal chart 

This Cosmic Bundle will deeply support you in the coming months. I cannot wait to see what is about to unfold for you! 

Let's Begin. 

$675.00 USD