Alchemy of Abundance Astrology Reading

It's time to receive overflowing abundance... simply by being your most authentic self, by sharing your gifts, by showing others what is possible. 

Explore the aspects of your chart that hold the keys to fully embodying your most magnetic, abundant, thriving state.

This astrology reading is your personalized guide for aligning to your wealth frequency and harnessing your natural gifts to create effortless abundance in your life.

We’ll work with 3 signature aspects in your chart in order to deeper understand this maiden to queen journey with money:

  • Persephone: Claiming your power & fully living in your purpose with passion and pleasure. Understand the maiden to queen journey in your chart so that you can expand your capacity to receive big abundance. 
  • Chiron: Alchemizing your challenges into your greatest gifts— gifts that you are meant to share with the world while receiving the wealth you are worthy of.
  • North Node: Your guiding light and reminder of the way you are meant to create and receive abundance in your life. 

>> What happens when you discover these wealth keys in your chart:

  • Align with receiving the consistent income of your dreams, the exchange of your gifts for money feeling SO ease-filled and so aligned. 
  • Attracting clients who truly cannot wait to pay you.
  • An expanded capacity to receive money with ease & pleasure.  
  • You become magnetic to the opportunities, dream clients and experiences that allow you to thrive 

We'll create a guide-map to deeply support you in your money journey, aligning with your most natural, abundant state so that you can truly thrive. 

What you'll receive:

  • 1 hour Private Reading via Zoom 
  • Copy of your natal chart 

Receive your personalized guide map to support you in the months to come. I cannot wait to see the wealth waiting for you on the other side! 

$250.00 USD