Lunary Syncing Astrology Reading

Explore how your astrology chart uniquely interacts with each lunar cycle so that you can tap into your most abundant natural state, honoring your rhythm and supporting your creative flow in your business. 

When you explore the ebbs and flows of the lunar cycle within your personal astrology chart, you are able to harness the power of each lunation and see with clarity the bigger picture for your work and how it wants to be shared. 

This deeply supports the flow of your creative expression in your work, the ways money flows into your life and deepens your connection with your body and your feminine essence. This is what allows you to tap into your natural state of magnetism.

When you enter this flow state, everything is possible. The success, abundance, JOY and deep fulfillment... it all effortlessly opens up for you. 

We'll create a guide-map for the next 6 months to deeply support you, syncing to your own rhythm and flow, with clarity and perspective each step of the way because you are focused on what is true and aligned for you.  

Through a guided meditation process we'll hold the vision together for your next 6 months and activate it within the body so that your dreams and visions become a reality, ease-fully and in flow with your natural rhythm. 

What happens you align with the lunar cycles:

  • create the most natural and magnetic timeline for your launch
  • allow creative inspiration to flow through you and create masterpieces that light you up... effortlessly 
  • open and clear the channels to receive money and abundance with ease
  • meet any challenge with clarity and perspective and embody unwavering trust, no matter what is happening around you
  • become magnetic to the opportunities, dream clients and experiences that allow you to thrive

What you'll receive:

  • 90 minute Private Lunar Syncing Reading via Zoom 
  • Personalized Lunar Syncing Guided Meditation 
  • Copy of your natal chart 
  • Spotify playlist for each lunar phase 

Your personalized lunar guide map will deeply support you in the coming months. I cannot wait to see what is about to unfold for you! 

Let's Begin. 

$333.00 USD